Kramer Striker Electric Guitar

  • $229.95

In 1984, Kramer released the Korean-made alternative to the USA and Japanese Kramer lines, the Striker series. The Striker models were aimed at the entry-level player and followed suit with the Focus lines beginning with the 100ST, the Baretta-influenced single hum/single volume version. These also sported the banana style headstock and rosewood board. The 200ST, like the Focus 2000, was the answer to the Pacer Imperial with it's 2 hums, single volume and tone controls and 3 way switch. These sported the classic, or beak style headstock. The 300ST was the Pacer Deluxes' cousin with the HSS configuration on a pickguard with 5 way select and volume and tone(2 tones in some cases) and the classic headstock. The early strikers such as these all sported non-locking, traditional styled trems.

Includes: Gig Bag